April 2023:

Thien’s work on a novel nonparametric regression model, and its application to dynamic MRI, has been uploaded as a preprint to arXiv and TechRxiv.

April 2023:

Mr. Zeling Jin joins the Lab as an MSc student! Welcome aboard Zeling!

March 2023:

Mr. Shiwen An will join the Lab in October of 2023 as an MSc student! Welcome aboard Shiwen!

March 2023:

Ms. Enkhsaruul Burentsogt joins the Lab as a BSc student! Welcome aboard Saruul!

February 2023:

Minh and Yuki’s paper on reinforcement learning and robust adaptive filtering will be presented at the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Rhodes: Greece, June 4-10, 2023.

October 2022:

New preprints on reinforcement learning for robust linear adaptive filtering: (i) [arXiv] [TechRxiv] (ii) [arXiv] [TechRxiv] .

September 2022:

Ms. Tang Chao joins the Lab as a PhD student. Welcome Tang!

September 2022:

Mr. Qihang Qiu joins the Lab as an MSc student. Welcome Qihang!

February 2022:

New paper appears in the IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging.

April 2021:

Our lab is established!