Welcome to Slavakis Lab

We are a research team (est. April 2021) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology that designs computational methods for signal processing, machine learning, and data analytics.

Our designs aim at a wide variety of applications and topics such as

  • biomedical imaging;
  • network time-series analysis;
  • reinforcement learning and dynamic programming;
  • adaptive filtering; and
  • optimization (deterministic/stochastic).

信号処理、機械学習とデータ解析の研究を行なっています。信号やデータの背景に潜む幾何学的構造を抽 出し、これを最大限活用することによって、これまでの信号処理、機械学習、データ解析を凌駕する柔軟 なフレームワークの構築を目指しています。広い領域への応用を視野に入れていますが、現在、特に医用 イメージング、脳ネットワーク、適応信号処理、確率近似と強化学習への応用に注力し、研究を進めてい ます。

We are part of the Department of Information and Communications Engineering and the Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering Course of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

We are a small team, but we wish to grow! We are looking for passionate new PhD/MSc/BSc students as well as PostDocs to join the team (more info) !


September 2022:

Ms. Tang Chao joins the Lab as a PhD student. Welcome Tang!

September 2022:

Mr. Qihang Qiu joins the Lab as an MSc student. Welcome Qihang!

February 2022:

New paper appears in the IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging

April 2021:

Our lab is established!

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